Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

This tradition, stemming from England, at the end of the 19th century, prescribes that the bride wears something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, the day of her wedding. These four elements were not randomly chosen, each takes on its own symbolic importance.

The “old” is reminiscent of the family bond between the bride and her parents. Generally, it is represented by a family jewel chosen by the bride. The “new” symbolizes the success of the new life commencing for the bride. The wedding gown usually embodies this element. The “borrowed” personifies good luck and happiness for the couple and their future children. This object is often lent by a happily married woman. The “blue” signifies the couple’s fidelity and purity, which is often represented by a blue handkerchief.

Goodbye single life!

Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, between friends, have become a ritual for a vast number of couples about to get married. Supposedly closing the book on the single life, this outing is, above all, an excuse to let loose and have fun! A bit of history... It seems that the origins of this outing dates back to the 18th century. Originally reserved for men, this party united male friends of the future groom for drinks and a good meal. It was customary to simulate the death of the groom, to recreate a funeral service and to throw a coffin (empty, of course!) in a hole or to sea. The future bride contented herself with a tea party among friends. Only in the 70’s, with the women’s liberation movement, did the bachelorette party begin to resemble the man’s.

Get married and live longer!

Marriage apparently prolongs life expectancy. It is, at any rate, what a prominent American academic maintains, who draws this theory from the study of marital status documents of 67000 people. In contrast, people who are widowed, divorced or single seemingly do not live as long as married couples.... Ah, love!


Montérégie wines

Montérégie holds many hidden regional gems, including numerous wines renowned for their quality and diversity. Close to twenty wineries are located in the region. Take the time to discover them by visiting the “Vineyards and
Terroir Products
” section.

The "Montérégien"

Have you heard of the region’s trendiest cocktail the “Montérégien”? It is a very refreshing drink of Native American origin that spectacularly combines apple and maple.

Ingredients (per glass):

  • Sparkling cider
  • A lemon wedge
  • Lemon zest
  • 10ml of maple syrup
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Raspberries and blackberries on a cocktail pick

Pour the Montérégie maple syrup in the glass. Add a pinch of lemon zest. Fill with sparkling cider. Garnish with a wedge of lemon, mint leaves and add the fruit brochette. Enjoy!


Local flavours

You wish to give a taste of Montérégie to your wedding? Offer your guests the “Montérégien”, a refreshing cocktail that is light and bubbly. Originating from an old Native American recipe, this drink has invaded all the terraces of Montérégie and is a summer sensation. Composed of sparkling cider and maple syrup and garnished with field berries as well as a lemon zest, the “Montérégien” brings together the essences of apple and maple in a spectacular fashion. Be the hit of the party by serving this innovative drink; it’s sure to enhance your event!

Source : La Maison amérindienne

Choosing the church for a religious ceremony


Traditionally, it is customary to marry at the parish of the future bride’s residence. Nevertheless, it is acceptable to marry in the church of your choosing by asking for the permission of the parish priest. Montérégie is abundant in historic churches of timeless beauty, several of which are listed in the circuit tour of Montérégie churches. A small regional escapade will allow you to discover the religious architecture of your dreams in which to celebrate your eternal union.

Gourmet gifts
for your guests

When we think of weddings, sugared almonds come to mind... But how many little packets of these white candies end up forgotten at the bottom of a drawer? Feel like breaking with tradition, wish to really please your guests, or personalize this custom of wedding guest favours? Why not revamp the tradition by offering a decadent assortment of artisanal chocolates? La Petite Grange, Cabosse d’Or and Chocolaterie Ody offer a generous variety of this sweet treat that will definitely indulge your guests’ palate!

At your best for your wedding

Planning a wedding can be time consuming and draining. Think of rejuvenating yourself before the big day by indulging in a moment of pure relaxation at one of the numerous Montérégie spas.

Spa Gallant in Sainte-Marthe (Rigaud) offers a total experience of the senses as well as assures luxury, peacefulness and complete pampering of the body, face and soul. Sacred Nature by Comfort Zone is a complete line of Écocert certified ecological and biological cosmetics.

Spa Mortagne in Boucherville proposes a diverse array of body treatments. In addition to the two hot and cold water basins, typical of a Norwegian spa, you will also find a health centre, sauna and exercise room.

Club Physique, a massage therapy centre, has recently moved into Brossard’s Quality Inn & Suite hotel.

SkySpa in Quartier DIX30 offers an outdoor ultramodern thermal station with hot Californian basins, an outdoor cold
water basin and waterfall, authentic Finnish saunas, a SkyAroma steam bath, outdoor and indoor relaxation areas as
well as 18 massage and treatment rooms.

The Centre balnéaire Chalet du Boisé in Varennes, offers three atmospheres year-round: the Asian garden with outdoor hot whirlpools and relaxation area; the Mediterranean zone with a Turkish Hammam, tempered salt water basin and relaxation area; the Nordic spa with Finnish sauna and Siberian waterfall.

Spa Di’Oro in Sainte-Julie, a welcoming place for relaxation of the body and mind, practices balneotherapy, massage
therapy, kinesitherapy, honey wraps and pressotherapy. Esthetic treatments are also available.

In the heart of the Richelieu Valley, within a unique setting, Spa Givenchy at Hostellerie Les Trois Tilleuls consists of vast treatment rooms with a river view, a magnificent indoor pool, saunas, cozy relaxation beds, an exercise room, tanning booths and luxurious suites.

Auberge Handfield's Spa Les Thermes, located on the river’s edge in Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu, is the ultimate spot for
tranquility where you will be inspired to relax and refuel. This intimate spa offers a hot tub and sauna as well as various body treatments.

Spa Mont-Saint-Hilaire, specializing in thermotherapy, offers a unique natural experience. You will find indoor and outdoor installations: spa, polar basin, steam bath and Finnish sauna. They also offer massages and esthetic treatments.

Spa Sunset in Hôtel des Seigneurs Saint-Hyacinthe offers massage therapy, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, hot
stone massage, rain massage, kinesiology and pressotherapy.

Which wine should you choose for the wedding?

The “vin d’honneur” is the link between the ceremony and the meal; it commences the festivities, in a refreshing atmosphere. Favour white wines for this prelude. Montérégie holds approximately ten vineyards on its territory, making it Québec’s second most important region in wine production. Take advantage by allowing your guests to savour these wines.

Dare for pink bubbly!

What could be better to celebrate your union than to serve your guest a regional sparkling cider of exceptional quality?

The Montérégie cider producers invite you to serve this uniquely enticing beverage at your wedding celebration: white or rosé sparkling cider. Here is some information about a few Montérégie cider mills and their products. Do not hesitate to contact the cider producers for more information or visit

The sparkling cider Bulle #1 of La Face Cachée de la Pomme in Hemmingford is of a light golden colour; its bubbles are fine, spirited and generous, with a delicate bouquet. The structure of the cider is clear, crisp, classy and lively.

Cidrerie artisanale du Minot in Hemmingford offers four sparkling ciders, including Crémant de Pomme, ideal for a cocktail or with dessert. Du Minot Brut is appreciated for its refined taste that highlights aromas of ripe fruit and vanilla with a hint of spice.

Les Vergers Petit & fils in Mont-Saint-Hilaire propose Champomme, a dry sparkling cider with a golden colour and an abundance of fine bubbles as well as the cider Champomme Rosé, bright and refreshing.

Cryo Mousseux from Cidrerie Cryo in Mont-Saint-Hilaire stands out due to its very dry taste. Its fine and delicate bubbles can be paired with a wide variety of foods. It is produced according to the traditional méthode champenoise.

Au Pavillon de la Pomme in Mont-Saint-Hilaire produces Cheval de Glace Mousseux, which is oak barrel-aged for a year and bottle-aged for two years. It is produced according to the méthode champenoise and possesses a natural effervescence. It boasts a golden colour, punctuated with fine bubbles and hints of fresh apple.

Les Vergers et Cidrerie Denis Charbonneau in Mont-Saint-Grégoire produce Rosé de la Pomme, a light pink coloured cider, slightly sweet but never too tart.

Châteaulin, from Cidrerie et Verger Léo Boutin in Mont-Saint-Grégoire, is created using the méthode champenoise and possesses a natural effervescence. Yellow in colour and punctuated with fine bubbles, it boasts flavours of ripe apples.

Domaine Leduc-Piedimonte in Rougemont makes a sparkling cider that is aged on the cork for 12 to 18 months, which allows for the development of subtle aromas and flavours as well as great refinement. Its natural effervescence produces fine long-lasting bubbles.

Joie d’automne, a sparkling cider from La Cidrerie du Village in Rougemont, is produced according to a champagne-inspired traditional method. It is well balanced, fresh with a lingering aftertaste.

Cidrerie Michel Jodoin in Rougemont offers two sparkling ciders, particularly appreciated as an aperitive. The white is ideal for making Kirs and Mimosas. The rosé seduces with its fine bubbles and balance of sweet and acidity.

The rosé sparkling cider from Domaine De Lavoie, located in Rougemont, is of a new inspiration. Created with Cortland apples and flavoured with red wine, it reveals a rose petal color and a sweet freshness.