Culture and heritage

Économusée de la poterie

Mont-Saint-Hilaire 450 464-0573

Well located along the road to Mont-Saint-Hilaire, surrounded by apple trees, the Ne faites pas l’autruche boutique offers pottery that is signed, colorful, sometimes amusing or poetic. You will be warmly welcomed by two passionate potters. Depending on the day of your visit, you may witness a raku firing, the sculpting...

Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum, offers a journey into the fascinating world of railways. Explore the largest collection of Canadian railway vehicles and hop on board some of them. Both children and adults can visit the model train room or set out for a ride on a miniature railway or tramway.

Founded in 1985, Expression is a museum whose mission is to promote and display contemporary and current art. Enjoy expositions in this beautiful and vast space and add an educational service, conference and publications.

Électrium is a multifaceted experience for the curious who want to understand the electricity in all its facets. The entertaining and popular tour provides fun times for all. On the program: observation of an electric eel, a duel of reflexes, exploration of physical and magnetic phenomena, a look at hydropower production...

La Maison amérindienne

Mont-Saint-Hilaire 450 464-2500

To the sound of beating drums and traditional songs, come discover the know-how and knowledge of the the people of the First Nations at La Maison amérindienne. Recognized as a place of national significance with regards to the origin of maple, La Maison amérindienne is a place where people can exchange ideas, share and...