About us

Tourisme Montérégie is a regional tourism association and a private non-profit consortium of more than 350 companies. Its primary mission is the development, promotion, reception, and provision of tourist information regarding the Montérégie region.


The Development & Planning mission consists in ensuring, fostering and coordinating the development of the tourist industry in the Montérégie region.

The Publicity, Promotion & Commercialization mission consists in coordinating, planning, designing and implementing the policies and strategies of the organization's programs, campaigns and promotional endeavours which aim to advertise, promote, and commercialize the Montérégie tourist industry on the markets, both within and outside Québec.

The Tourist Information & Hospitality mission consists in managing the tourism hospitality initiatives in Montérégie and ensuring the efficient dissemination of tourist information pertaining to Montérégie, its members and to Québec as a whole to tourists in the region.

The Communication & Member Services mission consists in facilitating information, communications, training, consultations, relations between organizations within the industry, promoting the work of the members, public relations and all other interventions between the Tourist Association, its members, other organizations within the industry or national tourist organizations in order to maximize the performance of the tourist industry.

The Management & Administration mission consists in providing office, logistical, IT, material and administrative support for the daily operational branch and other divisions of the Montérégie Regional tourist Association (Association touristique régionale de la Montérégie).